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Frequently Asked Questions. If we do not cover your question here, write us!

What is APPlyzer?

APPlyzer is for people who want to gain insights and understanding of the worldwide app markets. You may want to follow the performance of a specific app or a publisher or inform yourself about evolving trends and dynamics. APPlyzer gathers relevant data and brings it into an accessible and readable form for its users.
The users of APPlyzer are people interested in the mobile market: app developers & publishers, ASO specialists, digital marketers & agencies, tech journalists, app SaaS providers, investors & data scientists.
Yes! We make no differentiation regarding apps. You can add every app available app to your dashboard.
APPlyzer's data provides an accuracy of 99.9%. We are a relevant source for many companies who need App Store information and provide them with reliable data. Though to be honest it can happen that even the best databases experience a hiccup sometimes. If problems like this appear here and then we fix them fast and earned a track records of practically 0% data loss since 2009.
No, your login credentials are not needed for the data we provide.

What data can I access with APPlyzer?

APPlyzer allows you to track data from the Apple App Store (iOS, MacOS, tvOS) and the Google Play Store.
APPlyzer gathers the hourly rankings of 4,5 million apps per hour for up to 1500 positions in 155 countries.
APPlyzer's database of app store search keywords delivers you daily search result positions of millions of apps. Depending on your accounts plan you can add as many keywords as you like to our database.
APPlyzer's captures the reviews of all apps added to your 'My Apps' dashboard. The PRO plan adds the automatic translation of app reviews from 120 languages into your defined language.
APPlyzer's covers app store features and category for every app on iOS (Google Play coming soon).

Create & Manage your Account

Hover with your mouse over the account menu in the upper right corner of APPlyzer. There you'll find different account setting options like profile and password settings, invoicing, etc.
No, you can access all information and data we provide with a simple registration via E-Mail. We don't need to access your login credentials.
Visit the 'Profile' section of APPlyzer to find a 'Remove Account' button.

Managing Apps

APPlyzer allows you to track data from the Apple App Store (iOS, MacOS, tvOS) and the Google Play Store.
If your app isn't showing up in our app market search results, please try the following: Search your app with the app ID in the search box. The particular app ID is usually easy to spot in the app store URL and looks like that:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

If no app is showing up, please contact us. Usually we can add your app to our database in no time.
When you are logged in you can find an 'Add' button next to each app. Click on it and we save the app to your 'My Apps' dashboard.
When you are logged in you can find a 'Remove' button next to each app. Click on it and we remove the app from your 'My Apps' dashboard.
Yes! You can add several tags to every app in your 'My Apps' dashboard. This way you can create numerous lists for example 'Mine', 'Competitors', 'Apps with great design' or similar.

Custom data

At APPlyzer we build custom market data interfaces and reportings for our clients needs. Contact us and tell us what data would be helpful for you.
We deliver data through API's, file servers or E-Mail. Mostly as CSV but tell us your needs and we tell you what we can work out.
Yes, we create full fledged presentations for clients who have their creative agency or designer not at hand. Let us know what data we should visualize for you.

Alerts & Notifications

Yes! APPlyzer allows you to receive notifications with Email or Slack. Our FREE tier comes with daily alerts. If you want to be in sync with alerts on hourly data, upgrade your plan to PRO.
APPlyzer allows you to activate E-Mail and Slack alerts. You will find all your apps added to the 'My Apps' list in the alert matrix.
Yes. Users of the PRO plan get a settings panel to active and deactivate alerts in hours of the day.

Plans & Pricing

APPlyzer became popular for its unlimited apps approach. Track as many apps as you feel like in your dashboard either you are on the FREE or the PRO plan.
APPlyzer's FREE gives you a lot of functionality. From rankings (Daily), over keywords (max. 25) to reviews, features or the 3-month history.
APPlyzer's PRO plan extents the FREE plan for professional use and hourly insights and alerts. Pay as you go for the number of keywords you like to track, use the keyword spy or get extended history charts for over 6 months.
APPlyzer's DATA plan addresses those who need data exports or who want to build their own tools and services. Choose the number of API requests you need, use the Report Generator and get insights in the 12-month ranking history of millions of apps.

Upgrading & Payment

To upgrade your account please login and go to our pricing page. There you can add the PRO or DATA plan and increase the relevant keyword or data volumes relevant to you for your account.
You can process your payment with PayPal or Stripe. Both offer you solutions like payment with VISA to get you started. After the payment your account will get automatically upgraded to your plan.
Please contact us immediately after your purchase. We have a very friendly refund policy. But please understand that we can not provide refunds if you have used APPlyzer for more than one day, or you exported and assessed a certain amount of data.


The API functions of APPlyzer have different request costs which are deducted monthly from your DATA plan. Please take a look into the APPlyzer API Documentation for more information on request costs.
The APPlyzer API handles a maximum of 30 requests per minute. If you need more please contact us.

Market Research & Competitor Watch

One of the strengths of APPlyzer in comparison of other tools, is the ability to add and watch unlimited apps. By simply adding apps to your dashboard and grouping them into numerous tag groups, you are able to create a good overview on apps who are competing in each market and app store. Especially for app and publisher research purposes APPlyzer is a handy, fast and reliable tool.
APPlyzer's Competitor Keyword functions analyzes the search keyword positions of competing apps. You are able to grab the strongest competitors in a niche as well as to obtain a list of keywords who could be highly relevant for your app. In addition our Keyword Spy function delivers you all the keywords of our database a specific/competitor app is ranking for.
Performance, speed and design of an analysis tool is the key to productive research work. Therefore, APPlyzer is optimized to deliver fast and visually appealing results. You can easily see this by looking into our various functions and try — as an example — our Ranking History Graphs which provides you with daily ranking positions in up to 155 countries in a few seconds.
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