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» Applyzer offers a friendly approach to tracking large amounts of keywords across multiple territories. This is ideal for any serious company or agency focusing on a holistic approach to ASO and detailed analysis rather than a few vanity keyword terms. «
Javier Galan, ASO Director at ConsultMyApp
Müller Mindnode App Icon » Choosing the right search keywords is essential for being discovered on the App Store. APPlyzer is an excellent tool for us to optimize our keywords for all languages, stores and platforms. « Markus Müller-Simhofer, CEO IdeasOnCanvas GmbH / Mindnode
Markl iTranslate Steps App Icon » APPlyzer is our key tool for search keyword optimization. The insights are just great and added exceptional value in the creation of category leading apps like iTranslate or StepsApp. « Gunter Markl, iTranslate & StepsApp
Drobnik Drobnik » We use Applyzer since 2009 because it gives us deeper ranking information and lower rank fluctuation than any other competitors. We recommend it to all our app clients. « Oliver Drobnik, CEO and iOS Development Lead
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